HABA - Adventure Land


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Rich cities, vast forests and rugged mountain ranges dominate the country. But dangers lurk in the foggy areas around the river. Only the bravest adventurers dare to face the challenges. When you move your adventurer tactically and bravely fight the fog creatures, you'll win the favor of the king! In Adventure Land you have 3 adventures to choose from.

Start with the The Fellowship which is the simplest of the three and then move on to The Magnificent and finally, Escape to the Cities. When you get to the third level there are many things to pay attention to simultaneously. The basic rules are the same but each adventure has it's own overview including rule changes and victory conditions. The contents of Adventure Land include a gameboard, 110 terrain cards, 40 adventurers, 30 companions, 1 water sprite, 80 tiles showing swords, herbs, gold and fog creatures, 4 scoring markers, 3 dice, 3 adventure overview cards and a set of game instructions.

Dimensions: 31.4cm x 31.9cm x 6.8cm

Age Range: 10 years+