HABA - Ball Track Basic

HABA - Ball Track Basic


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Crafted from beech wood, the Haba Ball Track Basic is anything but it's name. Experiment with speed and precision, this 33 piece set includes a starting ramp, a wormhole funnel with clamp, 2 speed pipes with funnel, connectors and pipe clamps, 1 speed breaker, 2 speed curves, 2 pillars with bases, 1 sound funnel, 8 rectangular blocks, 3 ramps, 6 building block clamps and 6 marbles!

Set up the start ramp, aim, fire... and hit your funnel target! The pipe clamps make speed the speed pipes height adjustable to change marble momentum and you can use the deeply resonating sound funnel to detour the marbles or to add some fun at the finish! A perfect place to start your ball track collection!

Dimensions: 33cm x 33cm x 25cm

Age Range: 4 years+