HABA - Ball Track Big Dipper


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Made in Germany from beech wood the Kullerbu Big Dipper Ball Track is an exciting, adaptable and expandable ball track with many awesome effects. Aged from 2 years and up, the set includes 26 pieces including 1 signature Paul ball, 2 wooden balls, 1 acrylic ball, 1 big dipper ramp, 1 archway with bell, 2 straight tracks of which one has a mirror wheel, 2 steep ball curves, 1 curve, 1 ramp, 8 connectors, 1 start block and 5 columns of different heights for maximum momentum. The HABA clever click connector system means it is easy to set up and is durable with slip proof bases. HABA Kullerbu ball tracks are endlessly interchangeable and you can add as many packs as you like to create a playroom of fun!

Dimensions: 48.3cm x 48.2cm x 17.7cm

Age Range: 2 years+