HABA - Ball Track Kringelringel


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32 pieces and a clever click system ensure the Ball Track Kringelringel is the best place to start your HABA Ball Track set. Durable slip proof feet can be used at different heights for maximum momentum and there are plenty of pieces for maximum flexiblity. When combined with other Kullerbu sets they are endlessly interchangeable. Swing switch rails provide a quick change of direction while the blue speedster has a momentum motor to speed things up even more! The Kringelringel pack includes 1 archway with a little bell, 4 wavy curves, 2 ramps, 1 traffic light, 2 swing-switch rails, 4 curves, 17 connecting elements, 1 blue speedster, 1 red ball-convertible and 1 ball Paul.

Dimensions: 0cm x 0cm x 0cm

Age Range: 2 years+