HABA - Ball Track Master Construction Set


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The master construction kit offers ultimate ball track building fun! Lots of pieces provide plenty of different setup options to discover the laws of physics, and with the funnel, sound effect track with bells, waving flag track and marble canyon there are lots of exciting effects possible for ball track constructions. The highlight is the sophisticated universal clamp with tube clamping function, as it takes ball track construction to new heights. Aattach it to a table top or shelf to create an even greater fall, and therefore maximum marble speeds. The set includes 1 big funnel with marble stopper, 1 sound effect track, 1 speed breaker, 1 power pulser track, 1 waving flag track, 1 marble canyon, 3 speed tubes with connectors and tube clamps, 2 funnel curves with funnel, connectors and tube clamps, 5 speed curves, 1 universal clamp with tube clamp function, 3 ramps, 20 rectangular blocks, 5 cubes, 3 bases, 1 sound block, 1 marble container, 12 building block clamps, 12 marbles.

Dimensions: 54.9cm x 42.9cm x 23.8cm

Age Range: 4 years+