HABA - DS Coding Pixel


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The innovative 120 piece DS Coding Pixel from Haba shows how a computer converts instructions into colour images on the screen in a simple and logical way. It fosters the ability to recognise problems, and how to identify and apply the steps needed to solve them. Row by row, pixels are placed into position to create an image from the cards provided or you can use your own creativity to program a code and produce an image. This substantial pack consists of 100 large 3cm wooden cubes, 1 positioning tray, 18 coding cards with varying degrees of difficulty starting with beginners and then progressing as skills broaden and a set of instructions.

A perfect way to introduce children to the exciting digital world in which we live, through play they will understand the fundamental skills needed for digital learning and be able express their own originality. The Coding Pixel can be used at kindy, primary school or at home... especially if mum and dad want to learn what coding is all about! One of several in the Haba DS Digital Starter range and made in Germany, they are ideal for learning method and practice of cognitive skills such as logic, spatial awareness, concentration, creativity and abstract reasoning skills. Give your kids a head start with STEM learning to understand code and how it works!

Dimensions: 32.9cm x 32.9cm x 6.3cm

Age Range: 4 years +