HABA - DS Mega Pixel Kit


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The massive Haba DS Digital Starter Mega Pixel Kit shows how a computer code can be used to create a large image from individual pieces of information. On a screen or in the wooden tray ? the principle is the same! In three skill levels that build on one another, children learn the concept of digital image construction and how to break down the computer code to recognise images in a visual form. The aim of the game is to decode the information and place the colour tiles in the right place!

Made in Germany this enormous kit includes nearly 1300 pieces consisting of 232 large 4cm coloured wooden blocks, 1045 1cm coloured blocks, 1 positioning tray, 20 template cards with varying levels of difficulty as your skills progress and a set of instructions. By examining programming concepts, children have the opportunity to see computers as a creative tool rather than entertainment, and through play, learn how a computer works in an easy to understand method.

Learning to think like a computer is a key building block for digital learning and providing tools such as the Haba Digital Starter kits, is absolutely necessary to make the digital world understandable to children. Ideal for use at kindy, primary school or at home teaching the whole family about coding, the Mega Pixel Kit is one of several in the Haba DS Digital Starter range to foster cognitive skills such as logic, spatial awareness, concentration, creativity and problem solving skills. Be on the front foot and start your kids with an early understanding of codes and image construction to ensure they are streaks ahead on the STEM learning path!

Dimensions: 22.5cm x 30cm x 1.2cm

Age Range: 5 years +