HABA - Rhino Hero Active Kids


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Get ready for some action, Rhino Hero and his friends, Giraffe Boy, Batguin and Big E, are flying again! They must once again protect the city from the mean spider monkeys who want to throw gross slime balls at everyone. But our superheroes have a competition to see who can intercept the most slime balls, balance them on their capes and carry them back to headquarters. Heroes cannot let themselves get frustrated by other players, they need skill and courage and once they win the game they can take a victory lap around the other players! Contents include 4 superheroes with supports, 4 hero head coins, 24 slime balls (acrylic balls), 3 Boom dice and a full set of instructions with variations for older and younger children. The HABA Active Kids range is designed to get kids away from the couch and get them moving!

Dimensions: 15.6cm x 15.5cm x 5.3cm

Age Range: 5 years+