HABA - Spiral Domino Ball Track


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Kullerbu tracks from Haba are intelligently designed by integrating the Haba "Clever Click' system. Ideal for the Haba ball tracks and marble runs, the system allows easy connection of the track pieces while ensuring maximum stability on the floor and on the higher columns. Created with colourful special effects in mind, the 33 piece Spiral Domino Ball Track includes a track piece with steps, so depending on your set-up, the domino pieces can fall either upwards or downwards in a rainbow surprise. Send a ball on it's mission to knock over the first set of dominoes, then watch as they propel the second ball rushing around the curve to collect the larger set. The ball track includes 1 curve with steps, 2 curves, 1 wavy curve, 3 wooden curves, 1 launch ramp, 9 connecting elements, 2 wooden columns, 1 star ball, 1 flower ball and 12 wooden domino blocks in two different sizes allowing hours of free play. Perfect for combining with other sets in the Kullerbu range, the Spiral Domino Ball Track is the ideal starter set to begin your collection!"

Dimensions: 47.3cm x 36.6cm x 13.5cm

Age Range: 2 years +