HABA - Building Block System 46 Pieces


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Made in Germany, these large building blocks are perfect for early building and STEM introduction. Clear, simple shapes inspire imagination and creativity. The cube is the base element, supplemented with panels and strips to build bridges, inclines and levels which illustrate simple mathematical and physical relationships such as gravity and balance. They can be used to build tunnels and towers and even young builders can explore, line up and stack the blocks. Later, they design more complex patterns and their first buildings with integrated construction and creative learning.

The Haba Building Block System is a huge set that includes 46 chunky wooden pieces (24 cubes, 8 panels and 14 planks) and a heavy duty cotton storage bag for easy pack up. The 'Clever Up 1.0'educational booklet explains to parents that blocks are more than just a stacking game how they introduce basic maths, geometry and digital learning concepts that are ideal for encouraging spatial, logical and abstract thinking. The blocks support fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, communication and social skills as well as self-confidence. A perfect early learning tool for healthy developmental skills!

Dimensions: 33cm x 23cm x 11cm

Age Range: 12 months +